A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An entry to Ludum Dare 29 it's glitchy but it will have to do.

You've done it! Somehow you graduated from marine-biology at t.S.C.U.N.H.O. (that super cool university no-ones heard of). In search of funding for future reasearch you take on the challenge of the local fishermans union. Some great monster is sinking fishing trawlers you set off down it's layer at coral cave with as much equipment as you can afford.

However "as much equipment as you can afford" just isn't good enough. You have to do a few dives to afford better equipment before taking on this behemoth inhabiting the "coral cave". Collect all the exotic sea life and avoid or harpoon the enemy creatures .

Credit to Maxine Pichu Ackerman (additional art), Cian Hackett (Music),Fiachra Hackett (additional humour).


LD29BTS.zip 27 MB
LD29BTSMacversion.zip 32 MB

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