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This is where I rest my legs. I make a lot of walking simulators but release so few. I have decided to collect them here, and for a price you can download them. I hope you enjoy exploring this collection of perambulations.

Included In this collection is:

-The God Worm began its life as a test for some procedural generation. It takes place in some sort of pocket dimension.
-Darkling is an experiment inspired by a poem I enjoyed. I very nervously recorded my self reciting the poem.
-Infinite Autumn another proc gen experiment. It was shaped by unforeseen circumstances into something else.
-inis was a test for an art style. It soon became an exploration of an island environment.
-So We Were All Stuck in the T Pose, was a scene where I tested some assets, and unity's ragdoll system.
-Unreality was an attempt to evoke a childhood memory of toying about in the original Unreal Engine.

Notes On These Games.

All Games Can Be Exited By holding Down Esc For 3 Seconds

The God Worm features a Minecraftlike mechanic. You can break blocks by clicking on them. The aim is to find the pink blocks(The worms heart) and break it.

Infinite Autumn may have a deteriorating framerate as more autumn is generated on your system. This was a mistake in my programming, but also plays into my vision of the game. Please persevere.

There is a door in the center of the maze in Unreality. To open it you must walk into the white cube in the wall.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsAltgame, Experimental, First-Person, Procedural Generation, Walking simulator


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Ramblings_V1.0_Linux.zip 167 MB


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Inis only shows up as a solid magenta screen for me (on mac). I can hear myself jump though, so I assume it's just the graphics that are broken.

Ahh thanks for letting me know. I previously had this same issue with the Linux version and thought the Mac version was fine. I will fix this soon.

I love this! No goal (for the most part), just exploring a world someone else has created. Very nice. It reminds me of my own weird walking simulators :P

Hey, the manifest is invalid at least in the Linux builds: use forward slashes "/" instead of backslashes "\"

On Windows, if you do use backslashes, make sure they're escaped, e.g. "\\", not just "\". See https://github.com/itchio/itch-compatibility-watch...

ahh thanks for the tip. I think the build got messed up at some point. I can't test Mac or Linux so usually I just have to hope it works. I'll get it fixed asap


Really lovely pack of games. I enjoyed exploring all of those awesome worlds.