A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Potion Commotion: A short 3D Platformer.

You drank more and more magic potions without realizing it was making the world worse. Now it's out of control and you must find the crystals to get the rampant magic under control. Watch out for the cute monsters that want to inconvenience you as you run, jump, and bounce your way around this cute little world!

*Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40*

Art: Onion

Code and Design: Breogan Hackett

Music: Cian Hackett  


  • 1/2 -/+ look sensitivity*
  • Controller (Reccommended)
    • Left analog - move
    • Right analog - camera
    • Left bumper - Sprint*
    • Right bumper - jump
    • Hold 'Back' to exit at any time
  • Keyboard & mouse
    • W A S D - move
    • Mouse - camera
    • Left shift - Sprint*
    • space - jump
    • Hold 'Esc' to exit at any time
*Ver 1.1 only

If you came here to rate the game for ludum dare I would advise you to try version 1.1 as it only really adds better control and cameras. If you still want to see the original version however I don't blame you one bit.


PotionCommotion1.1Win.zip 42 MB
PotionCommotion1.1Mac.zip 46 MB
PotionCommotion1.1Linux.zip 49 MB
PotionCommotionWin.zip 44 MB
PotionCommotionLinux.zip 49 MB
PotionCommotionMac.app.zip 45 MB

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I can’t even start this game.

Linux does not work like windows. one of these differences is, that 64-bit linux can Not run 32-bit linux programs.

Please publish a 64-bit linux version of the game so i can play the game.


Very cute! I didn't like the gamepad mappings to the bumpers so much, but I loved the world and very forgiving obstacles :)



I liked your game. Hope you can add some more levels and mechanics soon!

PS. In case anybody has issues with the Linux version: In Ubuntu I had to do:

sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0:i386 lib32stdc++6