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honestly mesmerizing, my only complaint is simply how vague the changing chunks mechanic is, I honestly just couldn't figure out what controls that and couldn't explore places I WANTED to go as a result. (also another issue I have is simply how annoying the "Scorb" is, I just wish I could turn it off completely rather than having to shift my character around and shit just to make the damn thing get outta my line of sight for screenshots). Besides all that, though, the music and graphics are really neat, and I love how the whole sort of shader changes as it turns to "night" and whatnot. The texture stretching was a BIT much however I realize that some old games, such as those that this was meant to emulate, did have some JANKY textures and shit, so I give it a pass. Super duper neat!


Got jumpscared by a tree with hell's kitchen sfx

Cool as hell


I love this so much thank you


i'm scared to venture forward.

crazy, I like it