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Take your friend Scorb for a walk

Walk forever and always see something new probably!

Welcome to the procedurally generated world of Maximum walk, In this game everyone gets the same randomly generated world and can explore to their hearts desire, uncovering all sorts of visuals and spaces to explore along the way.  The world consists of chunks each of which have their own unique set of textures and models. In most chunks there is a point of interest at Coords (0,0,0) so head there if you want to see something cool! Will you see the Obelisk, An unfinished Level design or even maybe a town? Who knows!


  • WASD to run (hold shift to walk)
  • Mouse To look
  • Space to jump (you can jump in the air as well as on the ground)
  • T to teleport (use this if you are stuck)
  • Scroll to adjust FOV
  • F to take a screenshot (saved to the MaximumWalk_Data folder in the same folder as the exe)
  • H hide UI

V1.1 Changelog:

  • Added screenshot function
  • Adjusted Scorb AI to make it easier to get out of your view when taking screenshots
  • Added FOV adjustment on scrolling (zoom out really far to make it feel like you're going really fast)
  • Added slight outline to Coordinate dUI
  • Added option to toggle coordinates

Credit to @MicFrog for some SFX

Made for Spooky Scoopy Scorpy Jam 


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MaximumWalk_Win_V1.zip 136 MB


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honestly mesmerizing, my only complaint is simply how vague the changing chunks mechanic is, I honestly just couldn't figure out what controls that and couldn't explore places I WANTED to go as a result. (also another issue I have is simply how annoying the "Scorb" is, I just wish I could turn it off completely rather than having to shift my character around and shit just to make the damn thing get outta my line of sight for screenshots). Besides all that, though, the music and graphics are really neat, and I love how the whole sort of shader changes as it turns to "night" and whatnot. The texture stretching was a BIT much however I realize that some old games, such as those that this was meant to emulate, did have some JANKY textures and shit, so I give it a pass. Super duper neat!


Got jumpscared by a tree with hell's kitchen sfx

Cool as hell


I love this so much thank you


i'm scared to venture forward.

crazy, I like it