Welcome to Click Click Farm, a game in which you... click and click and farm. Then eventually once you've clicked enough you can automate the clicking away so you can feel a true emptiness of mind and ultimate calm euphoria while lovingly watching NUMBER GO UP!

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 52

In-game fonts by somepx

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PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
Tags2D, Automation, Casual, Clicker, Farming, Idle, Ludum Dare 52, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Singleplayer
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I love this so much! I just hope you can make it possible for people to switch and zoom whatever they want. Also, it'll be super cool if any tools can help me grow plants, since it's so tiring to click, lol. Still, this is such a FUNNNNNNNN GAME!!!!!! Hope to have more content!!

you can already use the auto harvesters to automatically harvest and replant and the sprinklers automatically click the crops for you.This game isn't going tobe developed further but I'm using it to help inspire the farming mechanics for a bigger 2d survival game project.

I wanted to finish it but it just ran too slow, incredibly fun and satisfying despite!


only closing the tab now because its starting to run really poorly (it's the web version i have no complaints lmao) but definitely enjoyed staring at it for several hours


how do i unlock the sprinkler and the harvester?


Hey, if you hover over the seeds the tooltip will tell you the next blueprint you can unlock by growing that plant.


Jesus this game is fun. Thanks,

Open this game up on Steam. It'll help you a lot.

That's enough

Not sure why I did this.  

(Mouse has an auto clicker so it didn't take as long as it looks).

I think the "bug" people are having with placing down the sprinklers and them not placing them down is because they haven't unlocked it lol. 

Yeah I didn't end up looking into it because I assumed it was just poor communication on my part not an actual bug.

This game is cool it just needs a way to place multiple at a time. I got to max sprinkler and harvester with only around 100-150 tiles unlocked then started placing stuff over the entire map for max speed tomato. I stopped when I was only about 1/8th of the way through filling the map because I just didn't want to click the approximately 2500 individual tiles.

Completely fair feedback, hopefully I can get back to this project and make some usability and balance upgrades in future. Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a comment!

im a little confused on how thr sprinkler works

I have maxed out tomato farming speed to instant 

Congrats you win!

Very addicting! reminds me of stardew valley


it took FOREVER to get the sprinkler

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Yeah I'm planning to make it a more guaranteed drop after a certain amount of time as opposed to completely RNG. Sorry you got unlucky with it, it's happened to me a lot in testing so I'm well aware it's an issue


Great game though. At the same time it was fun to spam the click button until I got the drop.

can you add a way to freeze time so people like me can line up the harvesters and sprinklers to happen at the same time

Yes I'm working on a big overhaul of the timing code right now to allow for better performance optimisation. I will add a pause button in for sure.

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I thought I had the same problem as others here of not being able to click on sprinklers. Then I was lucky enough to spawn the sprinkler recipe, which is required to build the structure.

At least for me it was rather unintuitive and I thought the game was bugged. I think this should be listed in the hover info of the sprinkler.

Yeah I was wondering if this was the issue people were having, it's challenging to make things intuitive on a game jam deadline but I already have a lot of ideas to tackle this in future versions. The plan is to make upgrades spawn on a more set timeline and show the player how close they are to unlocking something. Thank you for playing I hope you enjoyed it regardless of that unintuitive element!

Sounds good. Good luck.

Love the concept but none of the building upgrades work, at least not in the web version, they dont even change to being selected in the top right when clicked on.

Okay I need to look into this might be an issue with a new build I made although I'm almost certain I tested this build to the point where I could place buildings.

Hi I just double checked and I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my system with windows 10 and chrome, what operating system and browser are you using?

did you unlock them? they are an RNG drop from crops

yeah i dont think i unlocked them :P

It wont let me place sprinklers

Hmm I'm really curious about this issue. I assume you're selecting the sprinkler in the Build menu, have enough money to afford the one you're trying to build, and then left clicking on a tile? If so please give any additional information you can so I can try to fix it and ensure others don't have the same problem in future.

(1 edit)

Hi, following a report of something similar in the comment above yours I'm thinking this may be related to the browser or operating system you're  using. Could you tell me what browser you use and what operating system?

I have a similar problem. Im on chrome on a macbook air.

Thank you! This is super helpful I'll have to check if it's a Mac thing.

Ok thank you.


help i cant stop


Have you considered just letting this game take over your life and accepting your terrible fate?


Log 23... its been 20 years I have more carrots than brain cells help.

good idea... update soon

nevermind update now, I had to close the tab and when I went back into the game MY PROGRESS WAS CLEARED

yeah sorry about that, I haven't gotten saves added yet because it's a game jam entry, will be working on that next week most likely. 



I love it, but the song starts to break after accumulating more than 1 million dollars :/ 

jk aside, awesome game;)


Don't worry it's just adding to the lofi beat vibe :P

More seriously I believe that should be less of an issue in the windows build I just put up.


10/10 got to grow carrots and cabbage


Awesome game that we enjoyed the heck out of! Even cooler that is what made for a jam. We wrote a review of it and hope to see more games from you in the future! https://www.mlstudios.net/post/click-click-farm-gameplay-and-review


Thank you for your kind and thoughtful review, I'm glad to hear you had a nice long playthrough. I'm definitely going to try and make some updates.


Very nice chill game, and the music is just fantastic :))


oh wow. impressive jam game. chill.