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Explore the world of Talwind by broom and soar through the skies as Lillin

Lillin used to be called Lilly and Merlin, before witch and familliar became one in a mysterious magical accident. Now considered a magical abomination by the coven of Witches Peak Lillin has been excomunicated. If they want to continue their magical study Lillin will have to find a way to get back to being Lilly and Merlin again.

If they wish to return to their education Lillin must make enough Gold to pay the coven for a separation ceremony. Now Lillin must get to work making deliveries across the land of Talwind. Maybe it will be good for them to get out of the witches hall and see the world a bit anyway.

AIRBOUND is a relaxing fantasy exploration game with a 32KM^2 open world map made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 53. Fly at speeds of up to 700km an hour from town to town on procedural delivery jobs, navigating by word of mouth alone and get one of the 3 endings!


Controller support is only present in the Post Jam Version.

  • WASD or Left Stick: Move
  • Space or A: Jump. Press in midair to mount your broom!
  • Mouse or Right Stick: Look, this also aims the broom. 
  • Q/E or LB/RB: interact and dialog. Press in front of any NPC to talk to them!
  • Tab: display location

Post Jam Only:

  • F or X: toggle auto move
  • Esc or Start to show pause menu (sensitivity can be set here)

Ask NPCs for directions and sometimes they'll give you extra information about your destination!

Now with an exciting post jam update!


  • Auto Move.
  • Pause menu.
  • Sensitivity slider.
  • Animation improvement and visual tweaks.
  • Vastly increased NPC dialogue variety.
  • New location familiarity system.
  • NPC's who are unfamiliar with a destination give inaccurate directions.
  • Crashing in water now spawns you at the nearest settlement and you lose your current job.
  • Added a shadow to help judge the players location better in the air.

Game development: Hyphinett

Character Model: Vladimere Lhore

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, Cats, Exploration, Fantasy, Flying, Furry, Ludum Dare 53, Open World, Third Person
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Thanks for making this witchy game


What an amazing piece of work to be able to fly around a really big world! My favorite time was when we were heading to a new city, asking people in the towns along the way and flying through the air listening to the relaxing music and wind noise.


Very cute and chill game, love the atmosphere! Feels like a missing link between Paperboy and Death Stranding, but cute and wholesome!


I enjoyed my playthrough.

The system with the NPC giving hints where you have to go just works and is really nice.

Also thank you for participating in the jam and sharing your process on twitter. I also wanted to join, but had no time. With your tweets I also was there a little bit.